Monday, March 29, 2010


You may be reading this post because I'm now a world-renowned blogger, known for being a swirling vortex of keen insight among the World of Warcraft community.  Upon visiting my blog for the first time, you were struck my my latest dizzying display of brilliance on the first page and proceeded to hungrily consume every word I had ever published until you came to this one, your very last post but my very first.  You can hardly contain yourself as you realize this post, this post right here, is where it all started.

But chances are you're reading this because you're one of the handful of my friends that knows I play WoW, and after nagging you incessantly for the past two weeks you've decided to finally check it out.  So, hi there.

To everyone else: hi there too.  My name is Justisraiser, and I play a holy paladin on the server US-Mannoroth.  I know the last thing the web needs is another World of Warcraft blogs, especially one about paladins, but... oh well.  This blog has basically been inspired by Paladin Schmaladin's latest writer position contest, which I entered and submitted a few writing samples for.  Although I didn't win one of the writer positions, I found it very easy and fun to write about the game I enjoy playing so much, so I thought I'd give the blogging thing a shot myself.

So thanks for reading, and enjoy.

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