Monday, April 12, 2010

Knocking on the Lich King's Door

I'm psyched.  Pumped.  It's impossible without the use of recreational drugs to be as jacked up as I am right now.  On my lunch break at work I jumped kicked some kid on the street and yelled "HOLY LIGHT!" in his face, that's how fired up up I am.

We're taking on the Lich King tonight.  My Saturday ICC 10 group steamrolled every boss, including that goddamn stupid cockblock Sindragosa.  We one-shot her without even thinking twice, and then I stood over her dead (undead?  re-dead?) body and then screamed "MMRRRRRRRRRRRRROAAAAAHHHHHHH" at her, just like she's been doing on my login screen for the past year and a half.

We got a handful of attempts on the Lich King, consistently making it into Phase 2 but we still need to work on our Valkyr CC/DPS and handling Defile.  So we're meeting up again tonight for a special extended session.  Hopefully a whole evening of attempts on the Lich King should lead to victory.  There's a little bit of desperation on my end, because I think our ICC 10 group may be disbanding soon, just due to Saturdays being a tough day for some people and having other real life issues come up.  So while this is going to be my first shot at taking down the Lich King, it may be the last one I get for awhile.

I've got more thoughts, but ultimately I don't want to jinx it.  It's go time.


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