Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Long Live the King

I am Jack's raging bile duct.

So we didn't kill the Lich King, which is immensely frustrating on pretty much every level.  Our first attempt was great, we handled all phase 2 mechanics like pros (defile, val'kyrs) and got into phase 3, but then some confusion on tanking positions for the Lich King and Vile Spirits caused some deaths.  After that we just couldn't seem to get it together.  Phase 2 usually didn't give us much trouble but the phase transitions seemed to always cause problems.  Most often it was because a raging spirit would gank one of our DPS, or we'd have too many raging spirits alive and they'd blow up the OT.

Normally I wouldn't be too discouraged.  Literally 8 days ago I had just spent a weekend where I spent a combined four hours having my face wiped into the floor by Sindragosa, and this week we waltzed in and one-shot her.  And this is the Lich King, after all.  If he took less time to kill than Rotface and Putricide (both of whom I had also spent considerable time wiping to back in January), then that would've been pretty weak. 

But I'm a little worried about my future.  My ICC 10 group is basically a pseudo-PUG that one of us organizes every Saturday, inviting the same 10-12 people.  Usually enough of us show up, and if not we just try and PUG the missing spots and if they perform well we invite them next week.  But there's been talk about switching the PUG night to Friday, and if that happens I could be in a jam.  It won't be easy to find another PUG with confidence we'll kill all 12 bosses, including the Lich King himself, in a timely manner.  There's also the fact that except for the Lost Pavise of the Blue Flight from Sindragosa, ICC 10 normal has no gear upgrades for me.  The loot-whore in me really wants to start working on hard modes, except the easiest way to do hard modes is to trigger them yourself BECAUSE YOU'VE KILLED THE LICH KING... sigh.

This is the same feeling I had when my guild failed to kill Yogg-Saron almost a year ago.  But that's a story for another day...

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